Content management system

Seamlessly create, edit and publish

Website Content Management

A Content Manager allows you to easily and quickly create dynamic and editorial content (text, images, videos, ...) of a website. The Content Manager is present at all stages of web content creation, from the validation of a page or article to the management of publishing rules.

The main feature of a web content management tool or CMS is to separate the contents of the container. It is thus possible to update text or image content independently of the graphical structure of the website, and vice versa.


Squidex enables you to manage content in a central place and to use your tech stack for apps, websites and services.

Create and manage your content in the management portal and publish the content if you are ready to go. All activity is tracked and deleting a content means just hiding it. You’ll never irreversible lose data again.

  • Multiple Users

    Invite other users to your projects and assign them to different roles.

  • Languages

    Use unlimited number of languages to manage your content for multiple markets.

  • History

    Audit log and history to track when your content has been changed.

  • Filters

    Filter your content with an advanced query language.

  • Publish

    Define which and when content will be published and is accessible from the API.

  • Access Keys

    Create access keys for client applications, e.g. your website or mobile application.

  • Editors

    Rich editors to manage the content in multiple ways, like markdown maps and html editors.

  • Assets

    Upload media files and link them to your content.

Orchard CMS

  • Media Management

    Define custom media types and add custom metadata like taxonomies, copyright, author information and more.

  • Multi-Lingual

    The content can be translated in any language, and elements of information can also be shared across languages.

  • Modular

    Every feature is a module which can be enabled, disabled or replaced. If you don't like what you see you can replace it with your own feature.

  • Multi-Tenant

    A single installation lets you manage multiple sites. The notion of Recipe lets you write reusable websites templates.

  • Security

    Define roles and permissions for all your users. Track changes and see the history of your content.

  • Workflows

    Create content workflow or react to events.

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